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Aderyn Wood

Who can resist the mystery and magic that is fantasy? The haunting beauty of a dark moonlit forest. The terror of a monster in the wilds, driven mad by bloodlust. The endless and futile quest of good triumphing over evil. Fantasy fiction caught me early and has never left my side.

If you're a fantasy fiction fan looking for new worlds to explore, pull up a tavern stool and enjoy a cup of your favourite beverage.

What attracts me most to the fantasy genre is its irresistible lure of mystery. Are there more than shadows that lurk in the darkness? Magic is another big attraction, and I love to explore superhuman capabilities as well as the harrowing consequences it unleashes for my characters. Finally, I get lost in the richness of setting that must always accompany fantasy – epic fantasy particularly. Please enjoy my contributions to this wonderful genre.


Aderyn studied Literature, History and Creative Writing at university, travelled the world, and taught English before becoming a full-time writer. She lives in a cosy cottage on a small farm in Victoria, Australia with husband Peter, their dog, cats, and a horde of ducks and chickens. If not reading by the fire (in winter) or in the hammock (in summer), Aderyn can be found daydreaming in the garden (secretly searching for those blasted fairies).

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