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Author Update #001
Welcome to my first author update on my new site. I'll post these updates once or twice a month to keep you informed about my writing and publishing progress. If you'd like to get early access to these types of posts, with more details, check out my ...
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Why Are We So Obsessed with Vampires?
As the decades go on, and indeed the centuries, vampires keep fascinating us... why?I've got some ideas... all in a new post in my vampire suspense membership. Join up if you're interested in getting to the bottom of why we're so fascinated by those ...
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I now have a membership subscription!
If you’d told me six months ago that by April 2024, I’d be unveiling a membership platform alongside my own thriving bookshop— now eclipsing my Amazon sales, no less—I’d have laughed so hard I would have cracked a rib. Yet, the laugh would be on me, ...
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The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic has returned to the shop!
My epic fantasy collection of standalone novels, The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic, has now returned to my online book shop.After spending one term (3 months) on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited TSCOLM has at last returned home and is now wrapped up in an...
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Audiobooks now available
As highlighted in a recent post, this year marks an exciting turn – after popular demand I'm releasing audiobooks.I'm using the cutting-edge technology of a program called PlayHT to record the narration. While acknowledging the unmatched charm of hum...
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A new 3 minute read starting soon
Only have a few minutes to read during the week? I'm starting a new story on my 3 minute reads blog and on Facebook that will be posted in small bites, Monday to Friday. Perfect for a commute or brain break at work.The story is The Doom of Arlg-Teg. ...
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Audiobooks coming soon!
I've been receiving heaps of requests for audio editions of my books, and I'm pleased to announce audio books are on their way!The first book to be released as an audiobook is Book 1 in my vampire suspense trilogy, Rise of the Dark Ones.I've been usi...
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The Veridian Wars Paperback now available
The Veridian Wars paperback is now available at Amazon.The paperback edition for all my books will be available to purchase directly from my online book shop in coming months so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can grab your paperback copy of my late...
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The Veridian Wars Goodreads Giveaway
I'm giving away 100 eBook copies of The Veridian Wars on Goodreads. Click here to enter. Ends January 13th
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The Veridian Wars is now on Amazon!
The Veridian Wars has launched on Amazon!The Veridian Wars will be told in two volumes with Book 2 released next year. With the release of the this third book in The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic, all three books in the series have been enrolled in...
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New 'Worlds' Blog
One of the reasons readers love fantasy is the rich world-building involved. It's why I keep returning to George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. With its intricate detail, I find new aspects of Westeros to love with every read.As my ow...
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The Borderlands: Return is now in the book shop!
The penultimate book to come out of Kindle Unlimited on Amazon is The Borderlands: Return.As a result it is now available for purchase in the book shop and to celebrate it is discounted by a whopping 50% for two days only. Grab it if you haven't alre...
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Rise of the Dark Ones eBook Bundle now in shop!
All three books in my vampire suspense trilogy, Rise of the Dark Ones are available now in my book shop, and you can get them cheaper when you purchase the bundle.Can't get enough vampire? I have a side story for this trilogy in the works. Stay ...
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Last days in Kindle Unlimited for The Borderlands Box Set
Most of my books have already departed Kindle Unlimited (and you can find them in my online book shop). There's still a couple available to read with KU including The Borderlands Box Set.If you're in Kindle Unlimited and you've had The Borderlands tr...
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The Borderlands: Journey now in Aderyn's Book Shop!
The latest arrival to my new online Book Shop is Book 1 in my YA fantasy adventure, The Borderlands: Journey...To celebrate I'm running a 35% discount sale for one week only. Grab your copy here.
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