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The Doom of Arlg-Teg Chapter 1.2

Enjoy this 3 minute read from my epic fantasy story, The Doom of Arlg-Teg.

Read Chapter 1.1 here


Night had descended. An oil pot, shining in the distance, swayed as it drew closer. Iluna blinked up into a familiar face and her heart stopped. Could it truly be him? His hair was still touched with golden tips from summer. His eyes remained their usual colour and their amber shone like the daysun. He looked no different from the last time she'd seen him, when they'd clutched each other – desperate lovers – before saying goodbye.

“Anton,” Iluna said with a croak in her voice. “We have a daughter.”

Anton kissed her forehead before taking the babe. Cold air replaced the warm moist place where her daughter had snuggled, and Iluna drew her cloak tight. Anton looked down at their daughter and smiled before cuddling her close to his bare chest. He wore only a loincloth and Iluna wondered why he didn't feel the cold, but happiness clouded her thinking and she drew comfort from the vision of her lover holding their child. She closed her eyes and allowed exhaustion and dreams to take her once more.


The Doom of Arlg-Teg is the first book in a short trilogy called, Iluna's Song, and is a sequel to The Raven. It is available free when you sign up to Aderyn's newsletter, or available for purchase here.