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Author Update #001

Welcome to my first author update on my new site. I'll post these updates once or twice a month to keep you informed about my writing and publishing progress. If you'd like to get early access to these types of posts, with more details, check out my membership.


My writing team hasn't been much help lately.

We're at the end of autumn down here, which always helps my creativity and after a solid couple of weeks of writing draft 1 of The Veridian Wars, Book 2, I’ve been stalled again by my ‘day’ job. I’m looking forward to the day, which won’t be too far away, when I can concentrate solely on writing and getting books out. Speaking of…


I’ve unpublished my box sets on Amazon.

I only had two box sets available on Amazon: the Rise of the Dark Ones trilogy and The Borderlands trilogy. They were both up for a good few years. *The Rise of the Dark Ones* box set was particularly popular and got me sales nearly every day, along with some great reviews.

Last month, I decided to remove them from sale. So, they’ve been unpublished.

I took a screenshot of the reviews before I deleted them. Take a peek below. Interested readers can still purchase the book bundles at my shop.

Amazon reviews for the Rise of the Dark Ones Box Set:

Amazon reviews for The Borderlands Box Set:

What's coming up?

A sneak peek at Chapter 1 of The Veridian Wars, Book 2, has been released for my epic fantasy membership, which means I will reveal it here at a later date, stay tuned!

Happy reading!

Aderyn Wood