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I now have a membership subscription!

If you’d told me six months ago that by April 2024, I’d be unveiling a membership platform alongside my own thriving bookshop— now eclipsing my Amazon sales, no less—I’d have laughed so hard I would have cracked a rib. Yet, the laugh would be on me, for here we are, living that very reality. My journey from scepticism to success has been nothing short of a fantasy tale, and ain't that ironic!

My new online book shop has been an unexpected success. So why not start a membership?

Observing trends in the publishing realm has always been a part of my routine, albeit with a selective eye. Most trends I let pass like leaves in the wind, but then came the gale that was direct sales for authors. Sceptical (yet hopeful), I embarked on the arduous task of setting up my own shop. The effort of all those millions of hours, paid off beyond my wildest dreams.

And so I haven't shied from venturing forth on the newest trend: the subscription model. Here I go again, diving feet first!

Introducing the Aderyn Wood Membership

That's right. Author memberships are the latest thing. But I love the idea! A place for authors to connect with genuine fans and share more of their writing. I've crafted this space with the aim of enriching your journey through my worlds, ensuring it's both affordable and bursting with value. Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect:

Perks for Members:

Bi-Weekly Dispatches: 2-4 posts each month, featuring early access to chapters, captivating cover reveals, insights into my authorial life, musings on world-building, and deep dives into your favourite characters.

Monthly Gifts: Includes free access to an eBook, audiobook, or short story from my current catalogue, rotating to ensure every month brings a new surprise, alongside first dibs on all my latest releases.

Top Secret: You'll get exclusive content that includes deleted scenes, unpublished glimpses, behind-the-scenes updates, and access to polls. And, did I mention a book club?!

This new chapter has reignited my enthusiasm for storytelling and I look forward to sharing much more with members.

Your support, whether through purchasing a book from my humble shop or sending me a message of support has been much appreciated. I'll continue to post on my blogs and send out my free newsletter regularly, but if you'd like to get the news first, consider joining the membership.

To discover more about my first ever membership and how you can join, click here.