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The Worlds of Aderyn Wood

As a kid, my head was always in the clouds, a gateway to fantastical worlds, much to the bewilderment of my parents. Fast forward to today, my head is still in the clouds but now and those fantasies are the lifeblood of my career as a fantasy author. Each world I create is richer and more detailed than the last, and it's become essential for me to document these intricacies - not just for my sake, but for interested readers too.

Think of these upcoming pages as a portal into the detail of my books. I'll be regulary posting a range of articles covering the world-building in my stories including glossaries, character studies, setting descriptions and maps. It will begin small and end up a labyrinth for interested readers to explore.

I'm also opening the floor for suggestions. Is there a character whose backstory you're dying to know? A part of the map you're curious to explore? Drop a comment below or contact me directly, and I'll add it to these pages.


I will update this as more articles are added. For now, there is just one item:

The Veridian Wars: Glossary

The Solan Realm Map

Grigorius Krell