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The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic by Aderyn Wood

More exciting updates from Aderyn Wood

As revealed in my last post, things have been changing for in recent weeks. From launching a brand-new website to opening the doors of my very own online bookshop, the aim is to create a direct and delightful shopping experience my readers.

Transitioning from Kindle Unlimited

This month I'll begin the process of pulling my books from Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, starting with my most popular series The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic.

- Dragonshade will finish with Kindle Unlimited on the 9th of October.

- The Raven will follow suit, departing on the 18th.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited fantasy reader and you haven't yet got The Raven or Dragonshade on your kindle, do it quick! They will be returning in the future for a short stint on Kindle Unlimited (stay tuned).

Pricing Update

As each book comes out of KU, I'll be putting my prices up too. I haven't raised them a cent for ten years, and my tea bags are costing more than they did in 2013.

Preorder Alert: The Veridian Wars

Book 3 in The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic, titled The Veridian Wars, is now available for preorder at my Bookshop. While it will soon be available for preorder on Amazon, a special treat awaits those who order from my shop: use the code: VERIDIAN to receive a 10% discount.