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New 'Worlds' Blog

One of the reasons readers love fantasy is the rich world-building involved. It's why I keep returning to George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. With its intricate detail, I find new aspects of Westeros to love with every read.

As my own fantasy worlds expand, like in my latest release, 'The Veridian Wars', the challenge to track every detail grows. My notes have evolved into an encyclopedic collection of ideas, concepts, and lore. I realised that some of my readers may be interested in exploring some of these details, so I've decided to share them in a dedicated space.

Introducing my new blog section, 'Worlds'.

Here, I'll post articles exploring the rich tapestry of my fantasy universes. You'll find insights into characters, settings, and lore that may not have been fully revealed in the books. Don't worry, I'll put spoiler alerts where necessary. Expect updates about once a week, and if there's a particular aspect of my worlds you're curious about, let me know! Your interest might inspire my next post.

Embark on this journey with me, uncover the secrets of my fantasy worlds, and don't forget to visit the 'Worlds' blog. I can't wait to share the hidden depths of these universes with you.