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‘The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic’ is a collection of standalone epic fantasy novels all set in the same universe. Essentially, each book in the Chronicles showcases a significant historical event in the world known as Larth. Readers will note that each book begins with a brief letter by the Sage Vivlian of Wyllt, who thus connects the stories. Vivlian herself will appear as a major character in the fourth book of ‘The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic’.

As the novels are standalone stories, it is not necessary to read them chronologically, though there may be some small benefit of doing so, and here is the correct order for those interested readers:

Read more about the characters and settings in the Worlds Blog.

All books available on Amazon

All books in The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic are currently available with Amazon only until March 15th. This is because the series has been enrolled for one term with Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. If you're a Kindle Unlimited reader, be sure to read them early.

The Veridian Wars Book 2

The Veridian Wars is a duology and the final half of the epic saga is now available for preorder. It is due for release later this year.

What readers are saying

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I loved this story.

— Teresa L.

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A book really has to impress me to give it 5 stars.

— The Writer's Corner

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I couldn't stop reading.

— Gissela E.

Reading Order

Book One: The Raven

Book Two: Dragonshade

Book Three: The Veridian WarsNew Release!

Book Four: Coming soon

Iluna's Song

A short trilogy sequel that follows on from the events at the end of The Raven is called, Iluna’s Song. You can get the first book free by signing up to Aderyn's newsletter.