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The Borderlands: War

She’s supposed to save the world with magic, but Dale can barely summon the most basic spell.

‘The saviour shall have fire for hair and emeralds for eyes – her heart knows both goodness and evil.’

The prophecy predicted Dale to be the saviour. It's what everyone believed. But after a year of training, even a basic illumination spell proves impossible most of the time. How is she supposed to defeat the dark sorcerer and thwart the Unseelie horde that masses on the Arcadia border, bringing war to their doorstep?

The Seelie queen still has faith in her daughter – the fraught faith of one who believes in prophecies. But the belief has died in those left in Arcadia, and each day Dale is reminded by the fading hope in their eyes.

Desperate to halt the destruction of her new world, and despite her flawed sorcery, Dale heeds the strange whispers in her dreams and embarks upon a dangerous and secret quest in an attempt to fulfill her part in the prophecy.

If successful, Dale could be their saviour after all...

Continue Dale's struggle to overcome grief, self-doubt, fragile friendships and mystifying romance as she attempts to discover her purpose and help save the Borderlands from destruction.
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Reader Reviews (from Aderyn's book shop & Goodreads)


Verified Buyer

7 months ago

The war is on

And the war is on but so is betrayal and heartbreak. While the girls battle growth and other growing pains, Dale still hasn't gotten her powers and now Ness is missing. It is the battle of good and evil, seelie and un-seelie. Dale meets someone close to her that gives her the information and answers to some of her questions. The story is strong and fast paced and leaves you no chance to get your feet back on solid ground before the next hurdle.

The imagery is wonderful and detailed to put you in place. While normally I don't care for it much I found myself transporting and living in the story with the real life characters. Wrapping loving arms around Dale to feed her self confidence. In the end Dale comes to show her true nature and a maturity that was being developed throughout the story. In the end you will cheer for her strength and share in her pain. A wonderful read which only increased after book one. I know more is coming and can be assured it will be as powerful as the first two books.

Carlie H.

Verified Buyer

7 months ago

Love, friendship, betrayal, good vs evil

I would highly recommend this series. The princess is filled with doubts about her role as the saviour for her people but continues to go forward do what she thinks is right as she struggles to help her mother the queen and her friends as well. I am looking forward to the next book.

Darren M.

Verified Buyer

8 months ago


Read the entire book in one sitting. A well written, highly entertaining story that sparked my imagination to the fullest. When the third installment arrives I'll be ready to find out what will happen next. Can not wait.