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The Borderlands: Return

Truth and lies, order and chaos, sacrifice and salvation… all teeters on a knife’s edge.

‘You have already stepped onto the path. You will succeed. You must.’

Dale drove the Unseelie monsters out of Arcadia and a tentative peace settled over the realm, but as she strives to build respect as a leader, enemy reprisals have already begun.

Powerful as a god, the dark sorcerer vows retribution.

With her father missing, and her mother resolved to lay waste to an entire planet, Dale accepts a dangerous quest. To restore the balance, she must return to Earth, yet it is a strange new world. One she does not recognise, and one hellbent on her destruction.

The prophecy declared Dale was the saviour, but to balance the scales a price must be paid, and it may just cost her everything…
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5 months ago

5 Star Fantasy Novel

Borderlands: Return is a 5 Star YA Fantasy Novel that will appeal to both teens and adults alike, and is generally a clean read (ie. no sex) but there is some cursing. There’s a little bit of everything to please everyone: fantasy, science fiction (when Dale, the heroine, returns to Earth, renamed New Arcadia), action, adventure, a smidgen of romance, time-travel, a coming-of-age story, and magic. The world-building is amazing, especially Arcadia and New Arcadia; the storyline is exciting; the characters are interesting (Dale, Rhys, and Jaral); the plot twists are shocking and completely unexpected; and the villains are spectacularly evil (Ricardo, Natalia and Acheron). Overall, I really enjoyed the third novel in the Borderlands Series (Borderland: Return), but you need to read the first two novels (Borderland: Journey and Borderland: War, respectively) in the series to really understand the story; this book cannot be read as a stand-alone novel because the storyline is a continuous arc from one book to the other.


5 months ago

War. Death. Chaos. Balance.

Such an amazing journey that has finally come to an end but not without it's losses. She hated being the Savior and all that went with it. It seemed no matter what she did it came out wrong and someone paid the price. She didn't know nearly as much as she needed to know to do what needed to be done and she hated it. Hated all the lives lost. Hated all of the betrayals, the deceptions, not know who to trust or what to do. Brilliant. That's the only word that comes to mind. The author has so many twist and things to clean up I was worried. But. . . the way she cleans it all up and how it all falls in place is just awesome. She is left to her own vices when all of the avenues and people open to her are gone or unable to help. The Prophecy Stone, in all it's glory was an amazing feat, hers by right but as long as it was not in her possession her worst enemy. War. Death. Chaos. Balance. She has to trust in the magic, in the stone, in the Balance, even if it means loosing all of the people she loves and honors. Maybe just maybe it won't be as bad as she fears. Maybe she will find a way to the man she truly loves. Maybe just maybe it will all work out. Like I said, maybe just maybe this author is freaking brilliant, this series certainly was.