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Grigorius Krell

Grigorius Krell, or simply Grigor, is one of the five protagonists in the The Veridian Wars, and his brooding character is sure to capture readers' attention.

As a slave soldier in the Solan military, Grigor has endured many hardships since being captured as a child in his native land of Krellia. Despite having only one eye, which was taken from him in a traumatic event that he can barely remember, Grigor possesses a secret gift that gives him a remarkable advantage on the battlefield. However, with the rise of the Duas Faith and their purging of those with such powers, Grigor must keep his gift hidden at all costs.

Grigor dreams of buying his own freedom, and he has come very close to achieving this goal. As a skilled soldier, he is respected, but his solitary nature and lack of trust in others has made him a bit of an enigma. Readers will be drawn to Grigor's inner strength and resilience, but will he learn to place some faith in others as he must do if he is to be free?

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